Balance and Stability Exercises for your Young Athlete

Continuing from our discussion on Effective High School Football Pre-Season Strength and Conditioning, here are a few balance and stability exercises that you can implement into your team’s pre-season and in-season workouts.

A few points to remember when considering if balance and stability exercises are right for your program:

  1. Your core works as the foundation, that, when combined with the strength of your legs, determine how much force you’re able to generate when you’re playing football.
  2. According to James Stoppani, author of the Encyclopedia of Muscle and Strength, the amount of stress, strength, and endurance you have in your primary muscles is directly dependent upon the strength of your core muscles.
  3. “Balance conditioning is a way to train the body to make better use of the strength you already have,” (Louis Stack)
  4. When you train someone for stabilization, proprioception and balance, by default he or she is at less risk for injury. Good balance reduces the need for additional effort.

Feature photo: USAG Livorno PAO (cc license 2.0)