If you want to stay up to date, one must stay on top of football news. Times are constantly changing, and if you don’t stay on top of the news, you will get left behind. This line of thinking goes for every industry. We live in a world that is constantly changing and updating with the times, and the rate of this seems to be getting faster. As football equipment manufacturers we care about the growth of the game and the safety of all players involved. In our industry, football equipment manufacturers have to keep up with the latest news and trends. Otherwise, you could miss out on essential opportunities that may never come back around! At Kerr Sports, we understand the importance of staying up to date. We are continuously improving our abilities by staying on top of the news and by staying informed. This is how we came up with the concept for the Kerr Football Neck Collar. We know and understand the risks that are associated with playing football. While football is a fun and exciting sport, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with its fair share of consequences. Unfortunately, playing football is one of the leading sports for player injury risks. The high amount of injuries is mainly due to the speed and constant collisions that happen out on the field. Due to the momentum, players hit each other every play with tremendous force. We want to keep our competitive edge in the sports equipment injury, so with constant research and testing we came out with a product that can help players remain safe on the field. The Kerr Football Neck Collar does just that, as it’s been proven to help make football players safer. Our Football Neck Collar has been shown to reduce, on average, up to 58% of force transmission to the neck. Also, it can also contribute to reducing head and neck movement during a collision by up to 38%.


WABC Eyewitness News Reports on Kerr Collar Helping Youth Football Players


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Scott Carasik at SPORTSNAUT.com writes about the Kerr Collar reducing
football head and neck injuries.

The issue of head and neck injuries in the NFL isn’t going away any time soon. Thankfully there are new technologies being developed to tackle this big problem.

Recently, I sat down with Dr. Patrick Kerr from Kerr Sports. We spoke about a new system he created to help helmets and shoulder pads interact with each other to create safer, less-impactful collisions and help potentially prevent injuries. The science behind the Kerr Collar is something that’s extremely interesting.

Read the full article at SPORTSNAUT.com

FOCUS ATLANTA Features the Kerr Collar


This week on Focus Atlanta we met Dr. Patrick Kerr. He introduced us to a piece of equipment that might help prevent neck injury for our athletes while playing football.

Crain’s NY Business features the Kerr Collar

One piece of gear could save football players from themselves

Manhattan chiropractor Patrick Kerr invented a special collar to protect necks from
nerve damage

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New York PIX 11 Interviews Dr. Kerr About the Kerr Collar


New device detects head injuries aimed to keeping sports players safe. Dr. Kerr is interviewed about the need for the Kerr Collar as part of a football player’s standard equipment setup.

NY FOX5’s Dr. Manny Alvarez Talks About The Kerr Collar

NY FOX5’s Dr. Manny Alvarez talks about the Kerr Collar’s ability to absorb and disperse the forces generated by impact or collision in football. Insightful analysis of the risks in football and review of the Kerr Collar by a neutral medical expert.

Kerr Collar Featured on WNBC New York


WNBC talks to Dr. Patrick Kerr about preventing injuries with the Kerr Collar and why we need to protect players from unseen risks.

New Football Equipment to Help in Reducing Head and Neck Injuries


Last weekend, 17-year-old Kansas high school student Luke Schemm collapsed on the football field and died. The incident marks the eleventh death to happen during a football game in the U.S. since July.

Sports Injury Prevention: Kerr Collar – WCIU-TV


Dr. Patrick Kerr is helping the athlete in your life prevent injuries with the Kerr Collar. Find out more about it in this segment.