Heads Up Football

plastichelmet2In the 1940’s when we switched to a hard shell helmet. The risk of hemorrhage and skull fractures decreased by 50%.

The risk of NECK injury increased by 1012%. Yes, you read that correctly.

1012 %

What that should have told us is that Helmets alone are not enough to manage the forces of collision.

Let’s look at it this way. The human body protects its brain with a skull. The spinal cord is protected by bones. We take another step by adding a protective layer around the skull but we leave the spinal cord and bones of the spine completely exposed to injury.

Helmets need something to interact with as the forces of collision are driving the helmet toward the body.

How the head interacts with the neck plays a huge role in concussion and other types of brain injury.

The head and neck need to be looked at as one unit during collision.

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