Why is the Neck Unprotected in Football?

Howie Long wearing the Adam's Roll

Howie Long wearing the Adam’s Roll


The history of neck protection in football is quite interesting.

The Adams white soft foam rolls were the first neck protection in football.

Though mostly a cosmetic device, the Adams roll, if strategically placed like the way Jack Lambert wore his, probably absorbed some forces, but because of the softness, probably not much.  If you wore it like Howie Long, it just made you look aggressive but provided little protection. 
Next came extension restrictors, the flat plastic things that stuck out of the back of pads and the Cowboy Collar. These neck protection devices were designed to stop the head from hyper extending or being pushed backward.

These devices are a horrible idea. We are teaching HEADS UP FOOTBALL for a reason. These devices do not allow the player to get his head up which puts the spine into a better position to absorb forces.

There are about 30 patents for neck protection devices, the only ones on the market are the Adams Roll and the Kerr Collar. The McDavid Cowboy Collar is no longer being manufactured. The other patented devices never made it to market because they are just not wearable.

So there is your answer as to why there is very little neck protection in football. It’s very complicated to provide a bio mechanically sound device for such an area when there are so many different sizes of players necks. Some NECKS are long and thin, others are short and big.  There are 3 or 4 shoulder pad companies, each with different designs. Making a universal neck device is close to impossible, but we have achieved it with the Kerr Collar.

I would highly recommend implementing the Kerr Collar into your sons pads to better manage the forces generated during collision. I recommend this as the inventor of the Kerr Collar and someone that has researched the neck during crash tests and as a doctor I have helped people who have lost their health from neck injury for 21 years.

Put a Kerr Collar on your son, he will be BETTER PROTECTED on the football field.

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